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Router firmware. Sputnik is compatible with a wide range of routers that run DD-WRT firmware. (Please review our support policies for customer-flashed third-party routers.)
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Sputnik Quick Start Guide. If you buy hardware from us, this comes in the box. If not, feel free to download and enjoy.
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Free support: we respond to non-urgent support requests within 24-48 hours of receipt. As the complexity of technical issues varies greatly, we cannot guarantee the time of resolution.
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Professional Services Incident: if your support request is outside the scope of Sputnik product functionality (e.g. involves configuration issues specific to your network, requires custom reports or coding, requires that we ssh into your server) you'll need to purchase a professional support incident. Professional support cases are prioritized in our queue.
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Custom Reports: if you need special reports we can build them for you, and add them to the ad hoc report popup menu in your SputnikNet interface. If you want the report emailed to you regularly, please request it when responding to the email that will be sent to you after purchase.
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Introduction to Sputnik Technology Training: a quick technical overview of Sputnik solutions. The online course covers provisioning Sputnik-Powered access points (APs), SputnikNet basics, customizing captive portals, autentication systems, remote AP management, implementing network policies and reports. The course is approximately two hours long, and can be taken at our offices or over the web.