Facebook Authentication System Updates - April-May 2015

There are some changes coming soon from Facebook that will impact your Wi-Fi networks using Facebook authentication.


Facebook is tightening the policies that control how all developers utilize their system. Facebook will phase these new policies in starting May 1, 2015. You can find more information about the changes at developers.facebook.com.

Sputnik will release an updated Facebook authentication system that complies with these guidelines during the week of April 27, 2015.

Below is an overview of the changes as we understand them, with information about how you can get ready.

Apps must be linked to Facebook Developer Accounts

Currently, Sputnik offers an app that many of our customers use for Facebook authentication.

Impact: after the changes you will no longer be able to create new authentication systems that use the Sputnik Facebook app, but will need to create and use a custom Facebook app.

Authentication systems currently using the Sputnik Facebook app will need to transition to a custom Facebook app within 90 days (July 1, 2015). You can learn more about how to create a custom Facebook app at developers.facebook.com.

Required gestures and profile requests will be deprecated

Facebook will no longer allow required likes, wall posts, email addresses and birthdates.

Impact: all required social gestures and profile requests will be switched to requested.

Pre-written wall posts will no longer be allowed

Impact: if you enable "Request Like" an optional wall post request will be made in addition to the requested like. The user will be able to write and post their own content to their wall referencing your URL.

Apps requesting user birthdate must be reviewed by Facebook

Similar to the way Apple controls their iOS ecosystem, Facebook is now requiring apps that use certain Facebook features to be submitted to a review process.

Impact: if you want to request the user's birthdate, you will need to submit your app to Facebook for review. Facebook states that the process takes approximately 5 business days.