Timezone updates and ratable bandwidth limits in Guest Authentication


  • Fixed a number of outstanding bugs related to timezones and date functions (please read below for further details).
  • General performance enhancements.
  • New feature: Guest Authentication now offers ratable (periodic) bandwidth limits; you can limit accounts to a defined amount of bandwidth per day (or any other time interval). In any Guest Authentication System, see Settings > Limits: Bandwidth Limit.

Timezone Details

Due to the above changes, some customers’ existing timezones are no longer supported. These were automatically migrated according to the table below. If these conversions are not appropriate for your account, please update them manually from your SputnikNet control panel.

Old New
+00 UTC
+01 Europe/London
+02 Europe/Paris
+03 Europe/Helsinki
+03.5 Europe/Helsinki
+04 Europe/Moscow
+04.5 Asia/Kabul
+05 Asia/Karachi
+05.5 Asia/Kolkata
+06 Asia/Dhaka
+07 Asia/Jakarta
+08 Asia/Hong_Kong
+09 Asia/Tokyo
+09.5 Australia/Darwin
+10 Australia/Sydney
+10.5 Australia/Lord_Howe
+11 Asia/Vladivostok
+12 Pacific/Fiji
+13 Pacific/Apia
-01 Atlantic/Cape_Verde
-02 Brazil/DeNoronha
-03 Brazil/East
-03.5 Brazil/East
-04 America/New_York
-04.5 America/New_York
-05 America/Chicago
-06 America/Denver
-07 America/Los_Angeles
-08 America/Anchorage
-09.5 Pacific/Marquesas
-10 Pacific/Honolulu
-11 Pacific/Midway
-12 Pacific/Midway
Australia/ACT Australia/Sydney
Canada/Eastern America/Toronto
Canada/Mountain America/Edmonton
Canada/Pacific America/Vancouver
Etc/GMT+1 Atlantic/Cape_Verde
Etc/GMT+10 Pacific/Honolulu
Etc/GMT+3 Brazil/East
Etc/GMT+4 America/New_York
Etc/GMT+6 America/Denver
Etc/GMT+8 America/Anchorage
Etc/GMT+9 Pacific/Gambier
Etc/GMT-10 Australia/Sydney
Etc/GMT-3 Europe/Helsinki
Etc/GMT-5 Asia/Karachi
Etc/GMT-9 Asia/Tokyo
Etc/Greenwich UTC
GB Europe/London
Greenwich UTC
Jamaica America/Jamaica
US/Arizona America/Los_Angeles
US/Central America/Chicago
US/East-Indiana America/New_York
US/Eastern America/New_York
US/Michigan America/New_York
US/Mountain America/Denver
US/Pacific America/Los_Angeles