What is the Sputnik Agent?

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An application-level process responsible for:

  • Communications with SputnikNet
  • Remote telemetry (reporting device health and status)
  • Remote management (provisioning, configuration, upgrade)
  • Diagnostics
  • Captive portal redirect (for user authentication)
  • Dynamic per-user firewalling
  • Policy enforcement
  • Bandwidth tracking and throttling

Download Sputnik Agent Firmware

From Sputnik

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We offer free firmware for leading Wi-Fi devices preconfigured with Sputnik Agent Defaults (see below).


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Sputnik Agent is built into DD-WRT for compatibility with many 3rd party routers.

Before You Flash Your Device

Reflashing your access point may violate the manufacturer’s warranty and, if performed incorrectly, could render it inoperable. Proceed at your own risk.

Follow flash upgrade instructions carefully. Sputnik does not provide free support for customer-flashed devices. If you are uncomfortable flashing your own AP, consider purchasing pre-flashed hardware from the Sputnik online store.

Sputnik Agent Defaults

Sputnik firmware is optimized for guest Wi-Fi.
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  • Sputnik Agent enabled
  • IP of (to minimize IP conflict with other devices)
  • SSID of Sputnik-Managed
  • DHCP lease settings for hotspots (100 DHCP leases, 3 hour expiration)
  • Power setting of 100 mW
  • Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Force change router web admin password on first launch
  • Wi-Fi client isolation enabled
  • Bluetooth coexistance mode enabled
  • Support for remote firmware update
  • ttraff and upnp disabled
  • Support for USB caching (requires Pro subscription)