Support for Sputnik-Flashed Routers

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You can find a list of routers currently sold by Sputnik ("Sputnik-Powered Routers") here.

Support level

  • We flash, pre-provision and test Wi-Fi routers before we ship them to you.
  • We stand behind the devices we sell with a 30-day return policy and one-year warranty.
  • We provide technical support for routers sold by Sputnik.
Support scope

  • Router hardware
  • Sputnik-powered firmware
  • SputnikNet

Support for Customer-Flashed Routers

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Many other routers are capable of running the Sputnik Agent as part of DD-WRT firmware. The list is long; unfortunately we can't test them all.

Support level

  • We're unable to provide technical support for routers that we don’t sell.
Support scope

  • Router hardware (no support)
  • Sputnik-powered firmware (no support)
  • SputnikNet†
†Sputnik Agent must be enabled, and device connected to your SputnikNet account.