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Announcing SputnikNet and new Sputnik Agent firmware

We've been very busy at Sputnik lately, updating all of our servers to the latest version of SputnikNet. On top of that, we've released a new version of Sputnik Agent firmware for Broadcom Wi-Fi platforms.


Our goal, as ever, is to offer you the most flexible, affordable hotspot management system in the world.


Here's some more detail on the new versions:


SputnikNet Updates


We've actually done two updates in the past three weeks. SputnikNet's current version is Here are the new features since our last update:


  • Enhanced bandwidth shaping: now you can specify a bandwidth cap (maximum) that is applied to all users on any given access point or  network. This prevents bandwidth hogs, and is very useful in situations where broadband is limited (for example, on cruise ships with satellite backhaul).

  • Improved PayPal/credit card transaction processing.

  • Faster, more reliable AP provisioning using Sputnik Instant Setup.

  • Various bug fixes.


More details are in our changelog.


Sputnik Agent Firmware Updates


  • Support for bandwidth cap feature (above).

  • Support for new hardware (full list is here, and you can download our firmware for free, here).


We hope to roll out new firmware for Atheros-based models (e.g. EnGenius, Deliberant, Ubiquiti) in the near future.


Not only that, we have a series of exciting upgrades planned both for SputnikNet and for Sputnik Agent firmware. Stay tuned!

Announcing updates to SputnikNet and Sputnik Agent firmware

We have some nice end-of-year upgrades to our SputnikNet service and free Sputnik Agent Firmware - both are now version
These upgrades have already been rolled out to all SputnikNet accounts. Here's an overview of what's new:
  • Wi-Fi device management
    • Enabled remote flash update for the following router models:
      • Sputnik 720, 730 and 320
      • Cisco Linksys E2000 and E3000
      • Netgear 3500L
    • Added firmware update alerts for all other router models.
    • Added ability to remotely set timezone on router and to synchronize its clock with Internet time servers.
    • Enabled remote control over basic wireless scheduling (turn wireless signal on/off at certain times of day).
    • Enabled remote control over wireless client isolation.
    • Router local web admin password can now be changed from SputnikNet.
  • Sputnik Instant Setup
    • Added ability to set Sputnik Agent mode (e.g. NMS) before assigning the device to its SputnikNet server. This will streamline the deployment of managed range extenders running Sputnik Agent in NMS mode.
    • Added ability to detect and manually fix erroneous MAC addresses.
  • Captive portals
    • Added option to disable display of the session monitor window.
    • Added the ability to customize the post-authentication welcome page greeting text.
  • Prepaid authentication system
    • Improved performance when creating large prepaid code batches (e.g. 50,000+ codes).
Sputnik-powered firmware gets some nice updates too, including support for 400 mW power settings for the Cisco Linksys E2000 and E3000 (PoE adapter required), wireless client isolation set by default for enhanced security, and better stability when running in NMS mode for managed range extenders. Download free Sputnik firmware here.
More information is in the SputnikNet and Sputnik Agent change logs.
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