Sputnik Merges with Lokket

Dear Sputnik Partner,

Over the past decade we've seen tremendous growth of public Wi-Fi networks. At Sputnik, we're proud to have pioneered cloud-managed guest Wi-Fi, powering more than 60,000 hotspots in over one hundred countries, and authenticating nearly half a billion sessions.

We believe that the next significant wave of innovation in guest Wi-Fi will enable retailers and other venues to connect with customers, build one-to-one relationships and ultimately drive transactions.

To accelerate our progress, we're pleased to announce that we have completed a merger with Lokket, Pty. Ltd. of Sydney, Australia, a company that has been our customer for the past several years. What follows is more information about the merger and our direction going forward.

Q. How does this affect me?

In the short term, nothing changes—we'll continue to offer SputnikNet, with some significant upgrades on deck.

In the near future we'll add more flexible Wi-Fi login options, rich analytics and customer engagement features.

Q. Why did Sputnik merge with Lokket?

First, shared vision: we both believe that the most exciting growth in public Wi-Fi will happen at the customer engagement layer. Our shared goal is to convert Wi-Fi connections to ringing at the cash register.

Second, complementary technology: Sputnik brings Wi-Fi device management, captive portal authentication and session management to the table. Lokket adds retail deployment expertise, customer analytics and programatic marketing (e.g. digital coupons, location-aware promos). Together we can offer a full-stack solution for location-aware customer engagement and transactions.

Q. What is the new company called? Where located? Who are key personnel?

We're renaming Sputnik to Lokket, Inc., a U.S. company with an Australian subsidiary, Lokket Pty. Ltd.

U.S. headquarters will remain in the San Francisco Bay Area. Australian operations will be driven out of Sydney.

David LaDuke, founder and CEO of Sputnik, will be CEO. Yiorgos "George" Kaloudis, founder and CEO of Lokket, will be CTO. He is relocating to San Francisco.

Q. How can I stay posted on new developments from Sputnik—I mean, Lokket?

No worries, mate, we're still getting used to the name change (and how to speak Australian). Please check out this information on our Lokket site. (We'll be merging the sites in the near future.) Or follow us on on your favorite social media.

We appreciate your support, and look forward to continued growth and innovation in Wi-Fi, and beyond.

Sincerely yours,

David LaDuke
CEO, Lokket, Inc.