Announcing Sputnik-Powered Ubiquiti Unifi AC Long Range

Customers love Ubiquiti access points. Sputnik-powered firmware and SputnikNet service turns them into cloud-managed, access-controlled Internet gateways ideal for hotspot networks.

We just added the Ubiquiti Unifi AC Long-Range Wi-Fi device to our lineup. This unobtrusive smoke-detector style device packs enormous Wi-Fi AC power into a small, affordable form factor. At $149.95 the device is comparable to Wi-Fi routers costing many times that much.

As with all devices sold by Sputnik, we pre-flash them with Sputnik-Powered DD-WRT firmware, purchase DD-WRT Professional Activation (a €20 value), pre-provision it to your SputnikNet account. We also run the router through a hands-on test cycle to ensure it operates properly in your account.

That means all you need to do is plug it into Internet and you have a cloud-managed captive-portal Wi-Fi hotspot.

To celebrate we lowered the price of the Sputnik-Powered Ubiquiti Unifi Long-Range to $119.95. This device is great for slightly smaller networks where Wi-Fi AC isn't needed.