Ripple Wi-Fi takes Atlanta

Founded in 1997, Ripple provides managed IT services and consulting for many of Atlanta’s most successful growing companies.

When CEO Mike Landman read in in 2004 on JIWIRE that Atlanta ranked dead last of the 10 largest U.S. cities in the number of wireless hotspots, he didn’t get mad. He got creative. With Sputnik.

“We looked at a lot of options, but settled on Sputnik because their technology is the least expensive and the easiest to deploy—just drop off an AP at the hotspot, plug it into broadband, and you’re up and running.”
—Mike Landman, CEO, Ripple

Utilizing inexpensive Sputnik wireless access points, Ripple built a free wireless network for the citizens of Atlanta. With over 75 locations and 20,000+ subscribers, Ripple Wi-Fi, using Sputnik has changed the wireless landscape in Atlanta.

Here’s how it works: local Atlanta businesses who want to offer free wireless broadband access to their patrons apply on Ripple’s site. $55 a month covers everything WiFi. Ripple installs, configures and maintains their wireless access point, then they manage it, promote it, and keep it secure. It sounds simple, and it is.

Ripple uses SputnikNet to centrally manage their growing network of hotspots and to enable the local businesses to broaden wireless experience they offer with customized captive portal pages. The business builds customer loyalty, patrons get free wireless access, and Ripple gets the credit for unwiring Atlanta. In short, everybody wins.

Next time you’re in Atlanta, look for a Ripple hotspot. And next time you’re reading JIWIRE, check the list: Atlanta’s moving up.

UPDATE: JiWire now rates Atlanta as the number one most unwired city in the U.S. Way to go, guys!