Campground Wi-Fi at Mardon Resorts

Incredible deployment at Mardon!


Wi-Fi at Crescent Bar

Located a few hours' drive from Seattle, Washington, Crescent Bar is a prime recreation destination on the Columbia River. Sputnik-powered Wi-Fi has enabled fast and reliable service for visitors of Crescent Bar for five years and counting.

Home to many resort rental properties, housing and campsites, Crescent Bar sees thousands of visitors each season. This includes Sunserra, Thousand Trails Camp Ground, The Cliffs, The Orchards, Crescent View, RV Park at the Island, and more. This area is approximately two miles from beginning to end.


The challenge: deliver cost-effective, reliable Wi-Fi through the region. Vacationers need access to high-speed Internet and are willing to pay for it, but only if it works dependably whenever they need it.

The solution: deploy a number of rugged, outdoor Sputnik-powered Ubiquiti devices through the area. Deploy captive portal authentication at the router level, or for busy locations, use a Sputnik-Powered Ubiquii Edgerouter Lite. Rely on Sputnik for all WI-Fi purchase transactions via credit card or PayPal, and keep all revenues as Sputnik doesn't take a cut.

Results: customers pay on average $7.99USD per day for excellent Wi-Fi service and the site generates significant income for its operator.

Here are some example deployments within Crescent Bar.

RV Park at the Island

To the right on the light pole you can a single Sputnik-Powered Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 servicing the entire campground area with its 60° dual-polarized antenna. The Internet backbone is fiber optics for fast, reliable service. The campground consists of 80 campsites which are full during summer months.

RV park

Wi-Fi at the Crescent Bar Condominiums (CBC)

Due to antenna and building restrictions, Sputnik-Powered hotspots are the CBC’s main source of Internet. Mounted high up on the light pole on the left side of the picture, below, is a Sputnik-Powered Ubiquiti Rocket M2 with a three-foot 120° dual-polarized sector. This single high-gain antenna can deliver a clear Wi-Fi signal several hundred feet and into each condominium unit.


Wi-Fi Backhaul

Looking high above Crescent Bar, these redundant Ubiquiti 5 GHz AirMax access points power each hotspot. These antennas have a 120° pattern and can reach each the Sputnik-Powered Wi-Fi routers with signal levels of -60 dBi or greater.

Antenna  Overview